Since day one, Moog's Place has been all about the Music.

APRIL 2018

4/02 (Mon) Seth Yacovone Acoustic (7pm)
4/03 (Tues) Cal Stanton (7:30pm)
4/04 (Wed) Trivia Night (6:30pm), Val Davis (8:30pm)
4/05 (Thurs) Open Mic Night (8:30pm)
4/06 (Fri) Troy Millette (9pm), Chris Lyon (6pm)
4/07 (Sat) Mark LeGrand and the Cadillac Twins (9pm)

4/09 (Mon) Seth Yacovone Acoustic (7pm)
4/10 (Tues) Abby Sherman (7:30pm)
4/11 (Wed) Trivia Night (6:30pm), Django Soulo (8:30pm)
4/12 (Thurs) Open Mic Night (8:30pm)
4/13 (Fri) Kind Bud's Kind Dubs (9pm), Chris Lyon (6pm)
4/14 (Sat) The Wood Shed Rats (9pm)

4/16 (Mon) Seth Yacovone Acoustic (7pm)
4/17 (Tues) Cal Stanton (7:30pm)
4/18 (Wed) Trivia Night (6:30pm), Django Soulo (8:30pm)
4/19 (Thurs) Open Mic Night (8:30pm)
4/20 (Fri) Not Quite Dead (9pm), Chris Lyon (6pm)
4/21 (Sat) Cookie's Hot Club (9pm)

4/23 (Mon) Seth Yacovone Acoustic (7pm)
4/24 (Tues) Abby Sherman (7:30pm)
4/25 (Wed) Trivia Night (6:30pm), Jim Charonko (8:30pm)
4/26 (Thurs) Open Mic Night (8:30pm)
4/27 (Fri) The Mud City Ramblers (9pm), Chris Lyon (6pm)
4/28 (Sat) Funk Shui (9pm)
4/29 (Sun) Wolfstock Benefit for Whispering Heart Farm (2pm)

4/30 (Mon) Seth Yacovone Acoustic (7pm)